• Evolutionary Romance

    Evolutionary Romance

    We've been partners in life for over 15,000 years.

  • Not In Kansas Anymore

    Not In Kansas Anymore

    The 21st Century modern environment is very different indeed from the world that dogs have lived in for thousands of years.

  • Feeling Watched?

    Feeling Watched?

    Dogs are professional human behavior observers, critics, and manipulators - they've made their historical living at it.

  • The Missing Links

    The Missing Links

    Recent breakthroughs in the fields of evolutionary biology, epigenetics, and neuro-ethology can shed light on your dog's behavior.

  • Nose Knows

    Nose Knows

    Did you know that cold nose of his literally rules his mind? Dogs experience life through smell the way we experience it through sight.

  • Where there’s a Need, there’s a Breed…

    Where there’s a Need, there’s a Breed…

    Behaviorally & physically altered over time through artificial selection - these genes are alive and well in modern dogs.

  • Lick Does Not Always Mean Like

    Lick Does Not Always Mean Like

    Dogs also lick things to bring more olfactory information to the vomeronasal organ on the roofs of their mouths, and may lick something they have questions or concerns about.

  • Just Shake It Off, Man!

    Just Shake It Off, Man!

    This expression has scientific origins as a natural coping mechanism for stress. Ask us about calming signals and your dog!

  • Flight Distance makes the difference!

    Flight Distance makes the difference!

    Ever wondered why some dogs can become suddenly aggressive towards other dogs as they pass each other?

  • Canine Communication

    Canine Communication

    We miss so much of the conversation! Learn how to understand and read your dog's language and open up a whole new world!

Located in the heart of beautiful downtown Asheville, NC

The Dog Door Behavior Center
& DRIVE Store

Discover the Key to Your Dog.

Come in to The Dog Door and discover the key to your dog. You will open up a world of understanding unlike anything you have experienced before, and be given the tools you have been searching for to build a balanced relationship. Here you will find unparalleled honesty, professional integrity, compassion, personal support, and uncompromised humane treatment of dogs and their people. You will not find false promises, judgment, or unrealistic expectations. We get it. Life with your dog is not always easy.

The Dog Door bridges the gaps- between people and dogs, between animals, between the sciences, between the history of men and dogs and the modern pet dog world. We are more than a behavior center or training facility. The Dog Door is a movement to raise the bar of public understanding about pet dogs through integrated science and innovative practical solutions. The Dog Door is a way of life. We welcome you to join us in this new world of dog. When it comes to helping people and their canine companions, we have it all. Revolutionary, useful, fun. Anything but ordinary:

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Our incredible storefront in our downtown Asheville Behavior Center location offers a unique assortment of hand-picked trade secret tools for dogs (i.e. humane and effective no-pull harnesses, anxiety treatments), select natural chews and treats, colorful collars, practical outdoor gear for dogs, the best books available, and a shamelessly entertaining and funny array of gifts (t-shirts, mugs, magnets, signs, cards, and more).

828.398.1868 15 Broadway Asheville, NC

Kim Brophey CDBC, CPDT-KA, BA
Jennifer King CPDT-KA

The Dog Door is owned and operated by Applied Ethologist and nationally awarded and certified trainer and behavior consultant, Kim Brophey. With WNC’s only certified dog behavior consultant on staff, The Dog Door’s Behavior Team is Asheville’s only Trupanion Pet Insurance approved in-network provider and veterinarian trusted source for qualified professional services.

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