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You have had some personal experience with dog behavior problems.
You haven’t found the answers and solutions you are looking for in dog training programs. You just know there is something more.

You are right.


Your dog. Many dogs are in real trouble these days. Like any other animal on earth, dogs struggle & suffer when the “key” of who they naturally are doesn’t fit the “lock” of their world. Most dogs are living a “pet” life, but weren’t designed for that habitat. Friction & behavior problems are just the natural result.


Your dog’s world. Our modern world & the average family home – the “lock” – is a strange & difficult place for our dogs. They’re not disobedient & broken. They’re simply out of their element & lost. Being a “pet” is harder than it seems. It’s a whole lot more complex that just “dog training”.


You. You’re the solution. You’re the only way out of this confusing reality. He needs you to be his teacher, advocate, lifeline, tour guide & pal in this crazy world you share. You just need to learn how. That’s where we come in. Welcome to The Dog Door. It’s a whole new world with Family Dog Mediation®.

THE DOG DOOR is revolutionizing the dog behavior & training industry, breaking the mold of the outdated model of dog “obedience” training with a ground-breaking new service model for the millions of dog loving families struggling with behavior problems & the dog behavior pros committed to helping them—Family Dog Mediation™.

Built upon decades of well-established behavioral science spanning multiple disciplines, the highly celebrated Dog L.E.G.S.® Model of Applied Ethology behind Family Dog Mediation® is changing the entire conversation in the dog behavior industry. This new service delivers unprecedented insights & interventions, integrating the full scope of relevant sciences for the benefit of dog families worldwide. And it does it more simply, practically, and enjoyably for everyone.

Family Dog Mediation® is dog training, evolved.
And that’s a whole new world.
For dogs. For dog families. For dog pros.
For you.



You'd call us up yourselves if you could. You’re having a rough time. Being a pet dog these days isn't all rainbows & unicorns. Sure, you love your people to the moon & back. And you appreciate all the yummy, fun, & comfy things they do for you.

But, you often don’t understand what’s going on, & how everything is supposed to work. You have urges to do things that even you don’t understand. You don’t know how to tell your family how you feel. You need a professional who really understands, & can help. Well, relax little buddy.  That’s exactly what we’re here for. Welcome to the evolution of dog behavior services, where you matter too. Welcome to Family Dog Mediation®.

Dog families...


You need real help with your dog. You've come to the right place to find it. It’s not just you. You don't have a bad dog, & you're not a bad dog trainer. You just can't reach him because you haven't had the whole story.

There’s a growing, serious fundamental problem facing pet dogs & their people in the modern world – a complicated truth that no one really talks about.  Many “behavior problems” are just symptoms of this greater issue. You must discover and address why behavior is happening before you can ask how to change it, because you can’t solve a problem that you don’t understand. You’re ready to go beyond dog training and find the whole truth. You’re ready to really meet your dog. We’re ready to help you come together around new interventions, understandings, & agreements in the relationship – for everyone’s sake. Welcome to Family Dog Mediation®.

Dog pros...


You're ready—to go BEYOND dog training. You're a pro. You already know a bit about ``how`` to teach dogs & people. But sometimes you just can't shake the sense that you're missing some critical pieces of the puzzle— like ``why`` so many behaviors are happening in the first place.

We have been taught to view dog behavior all wrong – as something it is our job to change or “fix”. Most of us trainers, with our emphasis on “how” to change behavior, are not getting the depth of meaningful resolution for the dogs & families we serve that they so desperately need—because we never actually get to the source of the problems that those symptom behaviors are reflecting. You want to be the very best for dogs and people, & you know you need to find those missing keys to do it. Well, get ready to take your professional journey to the next level, because you finally found them. Fill in the gaps, connect the dots, & give yourself & the dog families you serve the comprehensive understandings & interventions that make the difference. Kim Brophey has garnered international attention in the industry for bringing applied ethology to the table, & wants you to pull up a seat & discover what you’ve been missing. Welcome to the new conversation in the pet dog industry. Welcome to a whole new world for dog pros. We’ve got the L.E.G.S. ® to get you there. Let’s evolve together.

Dog Life...


Have a ball in Dog City, USA! Whether you're looking for the gear, gadgets, and extra goodies to help you live the sweetest dog life possible or a list of the best places to go with your pup in our beyond dog friendly mountain town of Asheville, NC – we've got you covered.

Our convenient downtown location is your one-stop shop for all the dog life essentials for dog-doting locals and pup-packing visitors alike. The first official dog welcome center in the U.S. Free souveniers, maps, & lists. Dog friendly public bathrooms. Fresh water & escape from the elements. Friendly & knowledgeable staff. Humane raised, local, organic dog treats and chews. Vegan leather leashes. Doggie CBD. The best stuffed toys on earth. What more could you want here in Dog City, USA?



Our world-renowned team of internationally certified and awarded Family Dog Mediators delivers game-changing insight & interventions for any behavior concerns with comprehensive & practical canine behavioral science.

Angie Cook
Angie Cook
Angie's remarkable leadership & communication skills have defined an extensive successful career working with dogs & families in both sheltering & behavior consulting. She has worked closely with The Dog Door for over a decade, as an invaluable partner committed to the evolution of standards & practices in canine welfare & behavior.
Kim Brophey
Kim Brophey
Kim's 20-year career working with dogs, families, & professionals as an applied ethologist is internationally celebrated by clients & colleagues alike. A thought leader in the dog behavior industry, Kim's unique expertise has influenced the lives of literally thousands of dog families worldwide through her practice, book (MEET YOUR DOG), TED talk, podcasts, seminars, & courses.
Emily Miller
Emily Miller
FDM, General Manager
Emily is the first responder on our behavior team- the compassionate lifeline for concerned dog families. She's also the essential heart of all business operations at The Dog Door- providing not only unmatched customer service but the invaluable general management & critical strategic planning for our local, national, & international initiatives.

Thousands of


We get





Are you ready to book an appointment in our behavior center? If you are a new client please call our behavior center at 828. 656. 8305 to schedule your first appointment. If you are currently a client our online scheduler makes it simple to check trainer schedules, view availability, and book your next appointment in advance. Go there now to get started!

Canine Cohesion

The New Home of The Dog Door

The Dog Door is honored to have helped bring greater understanding to families and their pups since 2006. 

Now, we’re thrilled to announce that we have grown!

We’re proud to be a founding member of the Canine Cohesion Behavior & Enrichment Center!

We’re ready to meet the needs of family dogs in many more exciting ways, in two new physical facilities, based in Greenville, SC and Asheville, NC.


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