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That sounds a little presumptuous, I know. It makes it sound like you're the only one in the relationship who could benefit from some fresh understanding & behavior change. I mean, there are two sides to the story, right?

Good news, kid. We understand.

Now there's finally an alternative to ``dog training`` that values your experience as much as your human family's, and can help everyone to get on the same page with something WAY better than ``dog training`` – Family Dog Mediation®.

Now that’s better, isn’t it? It feels good to be seen. We understand how tricky this modern world is for you guys – & how hard it can be for dog families like yours too. You family has just been trying to do what’s best for you, & until Family Dog Mediation®, your humans haven’t really had other options.  That’s why we have broken the mold of the outdated concept of “dog training” & developed a new comprehensive service model – one that brings all parties to the table as having a voice & a responsibility to try to understand each other.

We'll break it all down for everybody involved, & help each of you to make sense out of the other's behaviors & needs. We'll use the super simple science of the Dog L.E.G.S.® system to explain some complicated stuff to your folks...

…about your GENETIC impulses & family history, how your experiences can shape your emotions & actions as you are LEARNING about life, about all of the pressures of living in the modern “pet” ENVIRONMENT, & how your behavior can change depending on how you’re feeling your SELF on the inside throughout your life, as the one-in-a-million dog that you are.  Family Dog Mediation® is built on all four L.E.G.S., just like you – because they ALL matter.


LEARNING—your dog’s experiences and education
ENVIRONMENT—the many aspects of your dog’s external world
GENETICS—the DNA that designed your dog inside and out
SELF—the unique interior world of your dog: health, development, age, sex, and individuality


You’re not just a blank slate for humans to write on. You’re a dog. And that means you’re an animal influenced by biology too. Even though people have gotten really keen on saying “it’s all how you raise them”, the very different kinds of canine cousins you see walking around out there didn’t arise by accident. All of those changes in shape, size, & behavior came about because humans carefully bred you dogs to be VERY different from each other in really significant ways. That history, & those differences you notice, are actually really important when it comes to understanding the full story of who you are.

So, if you’re a little bit curious about your ancestry, like many people are these days, and want to get the ball rolling on filling in some blanks before your first appointment with a FDM, you can get started right away by digging into that leg of Genetics. This piece of the puzzle is very important, as it tells you & your family about the possible natures & needs you were born with – what kind of “key” you are & what kind of “lock” you were made for. It can make all the difference in the world to understand how your ancestry might be influencing your actions without you even knowing it, really taking the weight of unrealistic judgement & expectations off of both you & your family.

We recommend that you get a genetic test for accurate confirmation, but you can start by using our quick & easy software application to start you off.

Your Family


We will be teaching your familiy how to be the people you need them to be, as they teach you how to be the dog they need you to be.

 Just like any kid, you’ll often need to take a backseat to your family’s knowledge & decision making about this very human modern world you’ve found yourself in, & trust them to show you the ropes. After all, there’s a whole lot you don’t naturally appreciate about this new “pet” life. It’s their job to learn how to teach you about that world, & how to relate to it safely & politely, as your “pawrents” of sorts. We will help them, in turn, to also become the very thing you can hang your hat on to keep you safe & cool.

So breathe easy. We won’t judge you or your family for needing some professional help. There are plenty of dogs and families going through the exact same thing.

You’re not alone anymore. We’ve got you. All of you. Because you’re in it together, we are too.

We get





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