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You've just discovered a magical new world that you never knew existed– something that can change everything for you & your dog.

The Dog Door is leading a bold movement towards a new paradigm in the dog behavior industry—to go beyond the surface of behavior & “training”, with the establishment of the Family Dog Mediation® service model.

Rooted in the comprehensive science of applied ethology and the wealth of other scientific disciplines and principles (L.E.G.S.®), Family Dog Mediation® has garnered international attention among leading dog behavior professionals as the evolution and future of the dog training industry. You’re about to understand why.

You have questions about your dog’s behavior, and you’ve been searching desperately for answers that actually make sense. Rest assured, you’ve finally found them. 

You don’t really care about fancy footwork, straight sits, or parlor tricks. You care more about everyone getting along. You don’t want to be assaulted with jumping when you come home. You’d like your comforter to be intact rather than shredded on the floor. You would like to be able to work at home without the constant barking at the neighbors mowing their yard. You want the pee & poo on the grass, not the carpet. You need to be able to have company over without massive drama. You worry about the safety of other people in the house. You’d like to walk down the street without public humiliation. You might even be experiencing real trauma & profound distress as a result of your dog’s behavior, your own life severely impacted by the concerns & restraints you experience because of your dog’s aggression or anxiety. And you’re frustrated with the training advice you’ve gotten so far, because it just doesn’t seem to be hitting the nail on the head for either you or your dog.

Most dog training programs don’t touch what really matters to us dog families with a ten foot pole, because they are built on an outdated model of “obedience” rather than integrated canine science. So, even if you do walk away with a few new skills under your belt, the things that are really making life difficult often continue to be serious daily challenges.

That’s why we take dog training to the next level. We go beyond the concept of “obedience” entirely, to practically address the real sources of problem behaviors & create the realistic solutions that make everyone’s life better. The families we serve consistently share what a surprisingly different kind of experience they have at the dog door with Family Dog Mediation®. No judgement. No false promises. No unrealistic expectations. Just the kinds of game-changing insights & interventions that really matter. We’ve literally reinvented dog training – for dog families just like yours.


The Dog Door has been the region’s veterinary and community trusted expert resource for families struggling with dog behavior problems for over 20 years, consistently voted best trainer in Western North Carolina by local dog families. Because our reputation as the premier dog behavior services provider rests on decades of collective education, credentials, awards, initiatives, partnerships, and most importantly our professional & compassionate efficacy in working with dogs AND people. Because we really get it. And that really makes the difference.​

No matter where you live, whatever kind of help you need, we’ve got you covered​. 

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The evolution of obedience training. Everything you need for a harmonious existence with your dog. Nothing more. Nothing less. Get the most cool possible with your pal.



We get it. Life with your dog isn’t always easy. When the poo hits the fan – from potty problems to guest-molesting, we’ve got the practical solutions you need.



When the stakes are high, you can’t afford to waste time scratching the surface. You need the comprehensive science & expertise that gets to the heart of the matter.​​



Your puppy is a sponge – soaking up the world around her to form ideas & habits that set the stage for the rest of her life. Make sure she’s absorbing all the right stuff.



With children & dogs, it’s critical that every precaution is taken to prevent dangerous situations. We work closely with industry leaders in child-dog safety to bring you the interventions that keep everyone happy & safe.



If your dog digs the downtown scene as much as you do, he’s going to need the education to be a gentleman sidekick on the town. Get the full experience of Dog City, USA by showing him what it takes to be a cool city dog.



We provide expert guidance for those looking to learn about or resolve service & therapy dog training & behavior matters, from assessments to comprehensive program design.



Compatibility matters in every relationship. You want to set everyone up for success by starting out with the right dog for your lifestyle, expectations, environment, & family. We can help.

We really know dogs. But we also know people. We know that you didn’t get a dog because you wanted a robot or some kind of minion. You got a dog because you wanted a friend, a family member, & a meaningful relationship. 

We all know that relationships can be really complicated. But many of us have never considered how complicated they can be between people & dogs.

 It’s clearly erroneous to think that a one sided “training” of a companion to be compliant to our wishes will foster the best outcome for a healthy relationship – even if it’s a tempting fantasy to drop off your dog, spouse or kids somewhere to have them “fixed” by a pro!  Though pros are often a valuable & even necessary guide in the process, they can’t be in the relationship FOR you. They can only give you the guidance you need to make things work.

 We’ll help get everyone together  in the middle- in agreement and happy as a family. We’ll bring you together with the understanding of the whole story, with Family Dog Mediation®.

We get





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